Netflix’s Terminator Zero anime starts streaming in August

A person shoots a gun at an unseen point behind the viewer’s viewpoint.
Image: Netflix

Netflix has finally named and dated its new anime series Terminator Zero, releasing worldwide on August 29th. If you recall your convoluted time-traveling, skin-wearing cyborg apocalypse history, you’ll realize that’s the 27th anniversary of the series’ Judgment Day, when the machines begin their conquest of humanity. Well, one of them, anyway.

The show is mainly set in 1997 Tokyo, and according to its writer, it won’t be ignoring the movies — any of them. The basic plot involves a soldier going back in time to protect a scientist named Malcolm Lee who’s trying to create a benevolent AI system to fend off the bad one that’s going to destroy humanity, including his three kids. There are some slight differences from most of the movies…

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