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The WashG1 is Dyson’s first mop

The Dyson WashG1 can wipe up wet messes. | Image: Dyson

Dyson’s newest device for dealing with dirt in your home is a mechanical mop. Unlike the British engineering company’s flagship fans, hair dryers, and vacuums, the new Dyson WashG1 floor washing machine doesn’t use precision-engineered fans or a fine-tuned Hyperdymium motor. Instead, the mop relies on mechanical agitation to clean up wet spills, picks up dirt and debris, and gives your hard floors a really good wash.

The WashG1 wet floor cleaner — aka mop — costs $699.99 and is the company’s first dedicated mopping device. The cordless, battery-powered mop is slated for release this fall, and you can sign up to be notified when the world’s fanciest mop arrives on Dyson’s site.

While it’s definitely fancy, this isn’t a smart mop —…

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