[{"title":"A meeting in Google’s 3D chat booth felt like real life science fiction ","url":"https://www.theverge.com/2022/10/13/23400870/google-project-starline-3d-chat-booth-impressions"}]

Google is bringing Project Starline’s ‘magic window’ experience to real video calls

An image showing two people using Google’s Project Starline video conferencing technology
Image: Google

Google’s futuristic videoconferencing technology will soon become a reality. In an update on Monday, Google shared that it’s working on integrating Project Starline with common videoconferencing setups like Google Meet and Zoom.

Google first took the wraps off Project Starline during Google I/O in 2021. Its first iteration involved a 3D video chat booth where you see a projection of the person you’re chatting with and they see a projection of you — almost like you’re talking to each other in the same room.

But Google later fit the technology into what looks like a large TV with a camera system mounted on the top, rather than an entire booth, making it more practical for offices and conference rooms.

Image: Google


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