The answer to AI’s energy needs could be blowing in the wind

Several rows of wind turbines standing in the sea.
The Riffgat offshore wind farm, around 15 kilometers north of the island of Borkum. | Photo: Getty Images

Data centers and offshore wind farms could prove to be a perfect pair as AI grows increasingly energy-hungry.

Many of the companies racing to roll out new generative AI tools have also made big commitments to rein in their greenhouse gas emissions. A rush of new AI data centers could throw those climate goals off — unless they find a clean source of energy.

Conveniently, some of the quirks with AI data centers make them a good match for wind farms at sea. And the offshore wind industry, which has already cozied up with Big Tech, could certainly use a boost as it looks ahead to more uncertain economic waters.

“Data centers and AI … We are excited about that opportunity,” Mads Nipper, CEO of leading offshore wind developer Ørsted, said…

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