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Skylight’s terrific smart calendar is down to its lowest price to date

Skylight Calendar sitting on stand
Skylight’s 15-inch touchscreen planner is probably the last calendar your family will ever need. | Image: Skylight

As cool and useful as the Skylight Calendar is, I can’t blame anyone for feeling apprehensive about paying north of $300 for something their smartphone and a cheap paper calendar can do. But the 15-inch version of the excellent family planner is now receiving a rare $70 discount at Amazon and Best Buy, which drops it to an all-time low of $249.99. If you’re a Costco member and don’t mind waiting until tomorrow, May 10th, you can even pick it up for $219.99 ($80 off).

The Skylight Calendar is a fun smart display that lets you create color-coded sticky notes and appointments, which look similar to the Google Calendar web interface. (By the way, Skylight sells an even more impressive 27-inch version that starts at $569.99 and a more…

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