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You can get a $100 gift card when you preorder Google’s Pixel 8A

An image of an aloe-colored Google Pixel 8A placed upright in the center of a table.
Say Aloe to my little friend. | Photo: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Apple and Sonos aren’t the only companies dominating the headlines with new devices this week. Google also officially announced the Pixel 8A following weeks of rumors, introducing the forthcoming handset a full week ahead of Google I/O 2024. The phone launches on May 14th, but you can preorder an unlocked model from Amazon, Best Buy, and the Google Store starting at $499 with a $100 gift card.

As expected, the upcoming Pixel 8A is aimed squarely at the midrange market. Google’s Pixel 7A ended up being our favorite Android phone for under $500 despite its $50 price bump, with much of its success riding on its 64MP main camera and a number of features typically reserved for more premium phones (ahem, wireless charging). The 8A only builds…

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