I regret to inform you that LinkedIn’s games are very fun

Graphic of LinkedIn’s new puzzle game offerings — Pinpoint, Queens, and Crossclimb, displayed on three black mobile phones.
Photo: LinkedIn

I almost didn’t get Pinpoint this morning. Here’s what it taught me about B2B sales.

I’m kidding! But I have to admit something: I’ve been going on LinkedIn every day recently, and I’m having a great time. Last week, the company announced it was adding three games to its app, both on desktop and mobile, as a naked engagement ploy to get you to open the app every day. I hate to say this, but it’s working.

The three games are called Pinpoint, Crossclimb, and Queens. Pinpoint is basically The New York TimesCategories game but in reverse: the game gives you items, and you have to guess the category. Crossclimb is like the Times’ mini crossword, with a twist that you then have to rearrange the answers into a word ladder. And Queens, my…

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