Apple TV Plus is turning into the best place for streaming sci-fi

A still image from the Apple TV Plus series Dark Matter.
Dark Matter. | Image: Apple

Since it launched in 2019, Apple TV Plus has won awards and generated hits, but it still sits in an odd spot in the streaming landscape. It’s not as big as competitors like Netflix or Disney Plus, nor is it as prolific. Instead, the service seems intent on focusing on quality over quantity, which has led to some likening it to the HBO of old (you know, when it was still called HBO). In reality, Apple TV Plus has a somewhat scattershot library that includes everything from Charlie Brown to Martin Scorsese. Some of it is great; some of it is Argylle.

But there’s one place where the service is really nailing it: science fiction.

For whatever reason, the lineup of sci-fi shows on Apple TV Plus has steadily grown over the years, not just in…

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