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Here’s where you can preorder Apple’s latest iPad Air and iPad Pro

Someone using iPad with Apple Pencil
The new iPad Air comes in two sizes, while the Pro model picks up an M4 chip and a more vibrant OLED panel. | Image: Apple

At long last, Apple’s newest iPad Pro and iPad Air are finally, officially real. Preorders begin today, May 7th, with the former starting at $999 and the latter at $599. Both models come in 11- and 13-inch sizing and are set to arrive in stores on Wednesday, May 15th.

One of the most notable changes in the Pro models is the switch from LCD-based displays to OLED, which could be the killer feature for creatives. But there’s a lot more to like, such as a new M4 chip that is said to offer 50 percent faster CPU performance than Apple’s last-gen M2 chip, plus a new 10-core GPU that supports mesh shading and ray tracing. The new iPad Pro also features better rear cameras and a repositioned front-facing Face ID camera that now sits centered…

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