Boeing Starliner’s crew flight test delayed due to a valve problem

Cape Canaveral Prepares For First Manned Test Flight Of Boeing Starliner
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

NASA will attempt to send a pair of astronauts to space aboard Boeing’s Starliner aircraft for the first time soon, but not today. As the the astronauts settled into place, officials scrubbed Monday night’s planned launch attempt at around 8:30PM ET, due to “a faulty oxygen relief valve observation” on the ULA Atlas V rocket’s Centaur second stage. Another launch window is available on Tuesday night, but it’s unclear whether they will be able to reset that quickly.

Starliner has faced several delays over the years, with its first uncrewed test flight in 2019 ending in failure before it successfully docked at the International Space Station in 2022. While Starliner’s first crewed flight was supposed to take place last May, NASA delayed…

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