Microsoft Edge will let you control how much RAM it uses soon

An image showing the Edge logo
Image: The Verge

Microsoft is working on a new feature for its Edge browser that will let you limit the amount of RAM it uses. Leopeva64, who is one of the best at finding new Edge features, has spotted a new settings section in test builds of the browser that includes a slider so you can limit how much RAM Edge gets access to.

The RAM slider appears to be targeted toward PC gamers, as there is a setting in Canary versions of Edge that lets you limit the amount of RAM when you’re playing a PC game or all of the time. While the slider lets you pick between just 1GB and 16GB on a system with 16GB of RAM, Microsoft warns that “setting a low limit may impact browser speed.” I can’t wait to witness the chaos of Edge trying to handle my 100-plus tabs on just…

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