Otter is making AI bots part of the group chat

screenshot AI Chat in Channels from Otter
Otter’s AI Chat in Channels. | Image: Otter AI

Otter, the automated transcription service, is rolling out a new AI feature that lets groups ask a chatbot questions about what happened in their past meetings. It takes information from all the meetings that group members were in and answers prompts like, “What did we decide on yesterday?”

The feature is called “AI Chat in Channels,” and it basically opens up Otter’s AI chats to a group instead of the single-user experience they are now. Channels, which can be found within the Otter platform, function a lot like Slack chats. They let people talk with frequent collaborators and share transcripts with each other.

Most generative AI chat features — the kinds that trawl through a user’s agenda or emails — are normally only available in…

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