Chrysler Halcyon concept is a reminder the company can be more than just minivans

Chrysler Halcyon
The Halcyon is a sleek roadster with a lot of interesting things to say about Chrysler’s future | © 2024 Stellantis

Chrysler, on the cusp of turning 100 next year, used to make a variety of models but is now a brand mostly known for its Pacifica minivans. But today, the company is attempting to make a bold statement about its future by introducing a concept car that is about as far from a minivan as you can get.

The Chrysler Halcyon concept is a stunning, high-tech roadster with an electric powertrain and fully autonomous capabilities. And while the automaker doesn’t have any immediate plans to put it into production, the Halcyon is intended to demonstrate that the minivan company is doing more than just sitting around and thinking about, well, minivans.

Image: © 2024 Stellantis

“We want Chrysler to be advanced, for sure,”…

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