Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Takes Off isn’t an adaptation — it’s a remix

A still photo of Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers in the animated Netflix series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.
Image: Netflix

When the news came that Netflix was making an animated version of Scott Pilgrim, one that brought back all of the original film actors (along with the director and series creator), it raised some interesting questions. Mostly, I was curious just how much would change as the story shifted mediums. While the original comics and the live-action film adaptation had their differences, they both still largely told the same story about a 20-something slacker from Toronto fighting his way through his girlfriend’s dating history. But for the new series, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, the story isn’t just a departure — it completely blows up the timeline.

Note: This article includes some spoilers for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.

At first, it doesn’t really…

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