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Apple’s last-gen iPad falls to a new low of $229.99 for early Black Friday buyers

Apple’s ninth-gen iPad on a wooden table, viewed from the top down
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Apple’s iPads just don’t get any cheaper than this. The ninth-generation iPad, which has unceremoniously remained the entry-level option of Apple tablets even a year after the 10th-gen model came out, is selling for a new low.

You can get the 2021 iPad with 64GB of storage for $229.99 ($100 off its MSRP) at Amazon and Target. This early Black Friday deal is an additional $20 cheaper than the previous low of $249.99 we were consistently seeing for some time. Also, if 64GB is a little slimmer on storage than you’d prefer, the 256GB model is also $100 off at Amazon and Target — dropping it to $379.99.

While the ninth-gen model may be a couple of years old, it’s still a very formidable budget-friendly tablet. Its 10.2-inch display may be…

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