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The step-up model of one of our favorite mechanical keyboards is down to just $71.99

A close-up shot of Epomaker’s TH80 Pro keyboard with gray and yellow keycaps.
Epomaker’s TH80 Pro is a great entry-level mechanical keyboard, regardless of which switches you opt for. | Image: Epomaker

It’s hard to beat the tactile feel and durability of a good ol’ fashioned mechanical keyboard. Fortunately, if you’re someone who’s looking to kick their membrane keyboard to the curb, Epomaker’s TH80 Pro represents a great entry-level model, one that’s on sale at Amazon for $71.99 ($18 off) and comes with your choice of linear, clicky, or tactile switches.

The Epomaker TH80 Pro, like the standard model featured in our guide to the best mechanical keyboards, is a 75 percent mechanical keyboard with a volume knob and hot-swappable switches that let you easily adjust the keyboard’s look and feel. It also offers the same plastic case and steel switch plate, the same PBT keycaps and per-key RGB lighting, and the same great typing…

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