F-Zero returns to the Switch in F-Zero 99

Screenshot from F-Zero 99

Did you know there was a time when Nintendo had more than one racing game? With today’s Nintendo Direct, now you do. F-Zero, after an almost 20-year hiatus, is back with a new online multiplayer battle royale game, F-Zero 99.

F-Zero 99, like Super Mario Bros. 35, Pac-Man 99, and Tetris 99 before it, is a battle royale game in which you and up to 98 other players race to be the last Captain Falcon standing. F-Zero 99 will feature all the carts and tracks from the original F-Zero game and is available for free to those with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

F-Zero debuted back in 1990 on the Super Nintendo. It was a hyper-futuristic racing game that was apparently one of the “fastest” available. The last time an F-Zero game graced a…

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