The anti-hate group sued by Musk releases another damning report on X

An image showing the former Twitter logo with the X logo on its head
Illustration: The Verge

A month after Elon Musk sued the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), the organization is back with another report suggesting X (formerly Twitter) is allowing hate speech to remain on the platform.

In its 23-page report, the CCDH outlines how researchers collected 300 posts on X with hateful content from 100 different accounts, some of which contained blatant racism, antisemitism, and Holocaust denial. After reporting the posts to X, the CCDH found that 259 out of 300 were left online after one week, while 90 of those 100 accounts remained active on the platform. The CCDH says that each of these posts violated X’s policies on hate speech.

X denies the report’s conclusions in a post on the platform. The company argues that it has…

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