How to responsibly get rid of the stuff you’ve decluttered

Graphic by James Bareham / The Verge

During its most recent spate of product announcements, Apple announced that its latest iPhone 15 phones — and its AirPods Pro — would be using USB-C cables instead of the traditional Lightning cables. So if you’re going to upgrade to a new iPhone or set of AirPods, you may find yourself with a lot of excess cables. What do you plan to do with them?

In fact, while we’re always being told how to simplify our crammed living spaces and get rid of all the stuff we’re no longer using or wearing, it’s often hard to figure out just how to do it responsibly without adding to the world’s excess trash.

Because just dumping them isn’t an option. Reusing and recycling old and unneeded stuff has become an important aspect of the push to preserve the…

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