Apple’s watchOS 10 is coming September 18th

A picture of WatchOS 10 running on an Apple Watch Series 9.
WatchOS 10 on the Apple Watch Series 9. | Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

Apple has announced that watchOS 10 will be ready to download starting on September 18th. The update may be the biggest change to watchOS since Apple released its massively popular smartwatch, overhauling the former honeycomb grid and adding widgets — er, glances, as Apple calls them — that you can swipe through and customize.

The company also announced that, for the Apple Watch Series 9, Siri commands will be processed on-device. The new watch will also get a new Ultra Wide Band chip that can detect when a HomePod is nearby so you can control it from your watch. Apple is also upgrading an accessibility feature to a main feature for the OS — double tapping your fingers together on the same hand the watch is on can do things like answer…

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