Framework is finally working on a full-size SD card module

A transparent sandwich mockup of what an SD card module might look like, with a USB-C port on one end and an SD card reader board inside.
This is not Framework’s module but rather a community design by zero0d. | Image: zero0d

You can hot-swap a DisplayPort, ethernet, even an extra 3.5mm audio jack into your modular Framework laptop — and today, the company is finally beginning work on a full-size SD Expansion Card to go with them.

But seriously, it’s just beginning that work: the company says it’s breaking tradition by “pre-announcing” a module that may never ship. “We’ve set a target for what we want it to be, but as we proceed and learn, there’s a chance it could change or even be canceled,” Framework writes. Don’t worry: it’s not trying to cash in ahead of time; the idea is by doing it this way, Framework can take you behind the scenes.

The full-size SD card is still going strong thanks to photographers and videographers, of course, and in an official…

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